Simple as that!
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Simple as that!

Easy handling means the clever time-saving silage solution for farmers and contractors.


Roll off and fold open. Simple as that!

Easy unfolding with unique system and in a short time your film will be firmly in place.


  1. The clever combination of two films on one roll makes the coverage of your silage fast and easy.
  2. Instead of positioning two separate films, Hytidouble® is already perfectly placed
    from the start.
  3. After the placement on your silage, you can unfold the two films effectively together in one single step.
  4. The perfect positioning of the two films ensures a constant quality and a better result for your silage.

Hytidouble® silage and underlayer film on one roll is a combination system of Hermetix® and vacuum film.


*Other lengths available upon request.
If you need further information regarding available colors and lengths, please call us.



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