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The clever silage covering solution


Explore the clever combination of cover and vacuum film on one roll
Easy to unfold – Saves time and resources

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Explore the clever combination of cover and vacuum film on one roll

With Hytidouble® you have both the perfect vacuum and top film layers, conveniently folded together on one roll


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Simple as that!

Roll off and fold open. Simple as that!

Easy unfolding with unique system and in a short time your film will be firmly in place.

The clever combination of two films on one roll makes the coverage of your silage fast and easy.

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Protecting silage is always a time consuming job

The conservation of silage made from grass and forage crops is an essential part of modern beef and dairy production systems.

Our innovative and powerful silage solutions help you achieve both high performance and excellent efficiency.

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RKW Agri GmbH & Co. KG
Rossbacher Weg 5
64720 Michelstadt | Germany
T +49 6061 77 278

About us
The RKW Group is an independent, family-owned company and one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of excellent film solutions. RKW is the market leader in the areas of hygiene and agricultural films, films for the beverage industry and packaging for powdery goods. In addition, the company makes films and nonwovens for medical applications, for the chemical and converting industries as well as for the construction sector.

In the fiscal year 2018, RKW generated total sales of EUR 878 million. About 3,000 employees process 367,000 tonnes of plastic materials at 20 locations around the world.

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